Thursday, August 15, 2019


On the edge of Pawpaw's river property
stood a gnarled persimmon tree
we thought would wither and die
but green then gold flowers came.

The gnarled persimmon tree stood,
brought forth shiny-skinned fruit
from green then gold flowers they came
to gather after first sign of frost.

The shiny-skinned fruit came forth
enough for a wicker basketful
gathered after first frost,
sweetening the once-puckery fruit.

Enough for a wicker basketful,
enough to scoop out for pudding,
sweet now, this once-puckery fruit
gathered on Pawpaw's land.

The flesh scooped out for pudding
also good out of hand
gathered on Pawpaw's land
now cleared where the river ran.

               -Donna Isaac

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